Team Ethos

We all prize the relationship as being a core part of our work. We work creatively, and integrate a number of approaches in order to provide a flexible service because we believe one size does not fit all. We see you as individuals and like the stream that weaves out with the harder stones, in with the softer sediment, our approach flows to fit you and your needs in each moment.


Indu Khurana


I'm Indu, head of Wellbeing through Creativity. I offer Life Coaching, Counselling, Training, Workshops, Supervision & Mental Health Consultations. Benefits of working with me? I work a little bit creatively: enough to take your brain into that calm & creative place where you can think differently, be more productive and reach a greater state of wellbeing in every aspect of your life.

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Caroline Ribeiro-Nelson

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I hold a strong belief in leadership with respect, integrity and compassion, along with the valuing and investment in the infinite potential of people. It is ourselves and not the things we can acquire, which are our greatest assets. A focus on synergetic relationships, constructive business dynamics and the creative use of technology can produce extraordinary strides forward.

Dawn Rosser

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Hi I’m Dawn and my passion and calling is Self-Actualisation. To be who you truly are. All that you can be. Body, Mind, Heart, Soul and Spirit.

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Lucy Wykes

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I'm a fully qualified humanistic integrative counsellor which means I can draw on different models in our work together. We are all unique people which means we all need therapy which embraces our individuality rather than fitting in with one way of working. My approach is tailored to you; I work with people not problems! 

I believe that people have a natural tendency to develop and grow to their full potential and can usually find their way using their inner sense of what is best for them. Life doesn’t always run to plan and there may be times when we lose touch with our natural tendency and we may need some help to move forwards, experiencing feelings that may lead to psychological difficulties.

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Katherine Allman

Hi I’m Katherine. I am a virtual assistant, and I love to help people with their admin. I believe that by being organised, you can achieve your goals much more easily. I take the admin burden from you so you can get on and do what you do best – running your business!