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Hi, I'm Indu

I started Wellbeing through Creativity (WtC) last year because I grew tired of working for organisations who claimed to be person focused but were not in reality. 

Whilst my disillusionment led to this business you benefit from a non-judgemental and you-focused service. So if you want to feel more fulfilled & happier and are willing to put in the work that self awareness brings, we may be the service for you.

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Life Coaching

Clinical Supervision


Mental Health Consultations for professionals

We are based in and around London, but offer all of our services online via Skype or Zoom for your convenience. This means our services can be accessed globally. 

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Are you struggling at the moment? 

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low mood?

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feeling angry?

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struggling with your gender?

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feeling unfulfilled?

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How can we help you?

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These are just some of the things we work with. If it isn’t listed, it is still worth getting in touch.


If any of these and other difficulties are hindering or stopping you functioning in the way you want to in life, we can help you. 

Let's have a free 15-20 min chat to see if we are a good fit!

Benefits of working with us:


  • We tailor our approach to fit the person in front of us, instead of making the person fit the model.


  • We access the unconscious process through the use of creative techniques. That means we work deeply to make lasting change.


  • We understand that everyone is unique and often need different approaches.  

  • Working with you as an individual will be the key to our success!

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What do we mean by Creativity?

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Creativity in Therapy and Coaching is becoming more crucial these days:


There is a lot of evidence available now to show how effective it is in enabling us to access unknown parts of ourselves so that we can make deeper changes rather than putting sticking plasters over the wounds.


Creativity takes our brains in to a zone of relaxation and calm.  From that place we are able to uncover things that our conscious minds are not; this can help us to understand things differently so that the therapist can help us to deal with them, and therefore enable us to take a first step into the kind of life we want to live.


You don’t need to be an artist, or even a ‘creative person’. All you need is to be open to using this method, and to let go of your own judgements and work with an open mind, to discover the things that are holding you back.

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